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telangana movement 1946 in telugu

It was ironic and unbelievable that the second Congress of CPI (1948) was highlighting Telangana way, but refused to discusss them. (The map is taken from P. Sundarayya’s 1972 book.). An early manifestation of regionalism was the Telangana movement in what became the state of Andhra Pradesh. Though this appears to be a demarcation from CPI leadership, they are one with the other in removing the question of power from the agenda which is a fundamental one in Indian revolution. - Buy Telangana Movement and State Formation 1948 - 2014 [ TELUGU MEDIUM ] book online at best prices in India on Brief History of Telangana Movement for a Separate State (1948 – 2014) PDF July 4, 2017 SmartPrep A Brief History of Telangana Movement for a Separate State (1948 – 2014) – Important Points, Events, Dates, Agreements, Committees, Commissions and Details – A short Summary PDF Free Download Genuine revolutionaries are busy in studying them diligently, so as to use them as weapons to fight against right and left opportunism inside the  revisionism and Trotskyism outside our ranks. A variety of factors are keeping Telugu farmers away from the protests. Read Telangana Movement and State Formation 1948 - 2014 [ TELUGU MEDIUM ] book reviews & author details and more at … Extracts from that are given here. That Stalin did not think the seizure of land to be a partial demand is clearly shown in one of the answers he was reported to have given to a question mentioned in the same book (pp. Even Telugu literature, art, and cinema focused on Andhra Culture, where usually, the antagonists use the Telangana dialect of Telugu while the protagonists are shown as soft-spoken Andhra youth. In its Preface PS wrote “At last after 20 years delay, we are able to place this book” in 1972  before  the readers. Since December 2009, the Telangana movement intensified. Role of Intellectuals, Students, Employees in Jai Telangana Movement. When the party acts with revolutionary flexibility, it retreats in face of disadvantageous situation etc. Canadian Prime minister’s statement on farmer protest is not an interference in our internal matters, Body, Nation and Resistance in the times of COVID-19, A People’s Manifesto for Ecological Democracy. Voting did not take place on the resolution because Telangana proponents insisted on to including the phrase "As per the wishes of people" in the resolution.[14][15]. The two relevant paras in the document are given under the caption “Not peaceful but revolutionary path”. Maharashtra started … The party is of opinion that the partisan warfare in such a situation undertaken on the basis of a genuine mass peasant movement and the firm unity, under the leadership of the party, of the peasant masses, especially the most oppressed and exploited strata, combined with other forms of struggle, such as social boycott of landlords, mass peasant struggle, and agricultural workers strike, can, if correctly organised and led, have a rousing and galvanising effect on the peasant masses in many other areas and raise their own struggle to a higher level”. The Indian state of Telangana was founded in 2014. He also said 80% of Congress delegates who were elected in 1955 opposed merger. These tests are very useful to those who are preparing for competitive exams like APPSC, TSPSC, SI, Constable, VRO,VRA,Groups, SSC,RRB Read More … Despite, however, this widespread discontent and despite the numerous peasant actions that have taken place in many parts of the country, the peasant movement in the country as a whole remains weak and large sections of peasants have not yet been drawn in active struggles because of absence of organisation and firm leadership. In the same way, the talks or discussions held between CPI delegation and Comrade Stalin, as reported orally and not in the form of a document, does not contain any clearcut suggestion to withdraw the armed struggle in Telangana. In doing so, special attention should be paid to the demands for which the peasants are fighting and the atrocities of the government which force the peasants to take arms. Any person who knows ABC of guerilla warfare, also knows that its tactical principles are meant to meet all situations. Attend our GK Quiz on Telangana and share your marks. Important leaders of public opinion in Andhra themselves seem to appreciate that the unification of Telangana with Andhra, though desirable, should be based on a voluntary and willing association of the people and that it is primarily for the people of Telangana to take a decision about their future". Telangana har et folketall på omkring 35 millioner. The document provides clear understanding of ‘coming into existence of liberated territories with their own armed forces in several parts of the country’ (p 410), and says that they can be defended and retained only when the working class comes into action. The omitted para runs thus: “In the rural areas the party has to rouse all sections of the peasants, including the rich peasants against feudal exploitation and build their unity basing itself firmly on the agricultural workers and poor peasantry who together form the overwhelming majority of the population. It is necessary, at the same time, to point out that it is the government that is responsible for violence and bloodshed.”. However, the CPM already ridden with an internal differences and crisis in the aftermath of Naxalbari and Srikakulam in late 1960s and early 1970s, was presumably driven into deeper crisis after this Review by DV Rao that raised many questions. On 9 December 2009 the government of India announced process of formation of Telangana state. In fact, it was the victim of the wrong policies adopted by the leadership from the very beginning. While expressing his discontent with CPM’s practice, PS however was within the confines of neo-revisionism,  as seen below: “We have to demarcate areas as priority areas keeping in view the present strength (position) of our movement where there is greater possibility of developing contiguous areas SO that both the peasant and working class movements can develop together and that areas can be developed first as political bases and later as partisan areas or bases. Telangana Movement - From then to now - Spotlight - YouTube It was left to the leadership of the party who represented to accept it, amend it or reject it. 10 lakh acres were distributed to landless and poor peasants and gram rajyas (village soviets) were established in 3000 villages. PS and CPM had no proper replies to questions raised by DV Rao. Songs will be a part of any movement. Though current politics of attitude  towards Indira’s Emergency and RSS, which   was also targeted  by her, were a major issue, questions related to strategy and tactics, besides organization of CPM, were also behind the resignation. "[11] Telangana leaders did not believe the safeguards would work. The agrarian social structure in the Nizam’s Hyderabad was of a feudal order. But at the same time, seeing the level of all-India-wide movement, and its extreme weakness, we should not jump to hasty conclusions that these two bases would become revolutionary bases (immediately) for liberation of whole of India. Find here a Brief Telangana Movement History from 1969 to 2014 Details. Telangana employees complained because of injustice in the government Department. PS resigned from the post of General Secretary and Polit Bureau of CPI(M) on 22-8-1975. Those were the days  also  of peasant struggles elsewhere in India, like  Punnapra- Vayalar of Kerala, Tebhaga’s tenant peasants’ struggle in Bengal, and in Punjab (PEPSU),   adivasi struggles in Maharashtra (Warlis) and Tripura. They are: “4. It was withdrawn, not vanquished. Even the para Sundarayya quoted (p 409) gives the same understanding. Meanwhile, Telugu-speaking areas in the Andhra region were carved out of the erstwhile Madras state by leaders like Potti Sri Ramulu to create Andhra State in 1953, with Kurnool as its capital.[5][6][7]. Rangareddy district was carved out of Hyderabad district of Telangana in 1978. [20][21][22] Following the Gentlemen's agreement, the central government established a unified Andhra Pradesh on 1 November 1956. They are extending revisionism to all problems facing Indian revolution. I have already explained that there is not a single word or sentence in the original document A Note on Indian Situation (1951) that the struggle for seizure of land and its defence is a partial struggle. It could have adopted such tactics which were necessary for survival and become active again when situation permitted for such a step. Consultations with CPSU led by Stalin : “There is not a word, sentence or a para which denote withdrawal of armed struggle as tactics permissible”. 415-16). Time and again the party had advanced the slogan of defending the gains of Telangana armed struggle and explained why the party had to fight for them in the form of armed struggle, while characterising the nature of this struggle to be offensive for the purpose of overthrowing the Government. In view of this, it is strange and monstrous to say that Comrade Stalin asked the leadership of the party to take a decision for withdrawal of an armed struggle which has lasted for about five years with which the central leadership was not positively connected in any way and which has no experience of armed struggle itself. The publisher’s note says that, ‘Apart from the selections from the four-volume edition in English published from Peking (from the Second Chinese edition), this volume also contains three articles” whose titles are given in the note. Read Telangana Movement ( 1948 - 2014 ) [ TELUGU MEDIUM ] book reviews & author details and more at Telangana History Quiz, Telangana Movement Online Quiz. During the period from 1944 to 1946, the Communist activities increased in several of the districts of Hydera­bad. Volunteer squads of the most militant and conscious sections of the peasants have to be formed to defend the peasant movements against the attack of the enemy squads that will form nucleus of the partisan squads as the movement will develop and reaches the stage of seizure of land and partisan warfare”. Manavidya Daily Online Test-83 in Telugu-Telangana Movement : Manavidya Daily Tests : Manavidya is providing daily online test in Telugu. History of Telangana in Telugu can be found from Various Books by Great poets. The Telangana movement refers to a movement for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India. (See Com DV Rao : Unique Role in Indian communist Movement , July 12, 2020. let us deal with the part he dealt with i.e., the discussion that was said to have taken place between the CPI delegation and Stalin, on the question of Telangana armed struggle itself. There was no Comintern existing at the time. ‘, ‘But it was absolutely correct to defend the gains of the Telangana peasantry through armed partisan struggle when those gains of peasantry, i.e. 412-13). ISBN 8170221978 Check date values in: |accessdate= Sarojini Regani (1986). After several years of protest and agitation, the central government, under the United Progressive Alliance, decided to bifurcate the existing Andhra Pradesh state and on 7 February 2014, the Union Cabinet unilaterally cleared the bill for the creation of Telangana. [12][13], Hyderabad Chief minister in his letter to Congress President said Communist parties supported the merger for their political calculations. I noen områder tales også marathi og kannada. -Govt motion in Andhra Assembly - Page 5 of Nov 26, 1955 Indian Express", "No belief in Safeguards: Hyderabad PCC chief. The first is: Why the Red Political Power Can Exist in China? But he lamented nobody was serious and resigned. It is clear that the whole para provides one the understanding as to how to prepare the peasants for partisan warfare. The region had a less-developed economy than Andhra, but with a larger revenue base (mostly because it taxed rather than prohibited alcoholic beverages), which people of Telangana feared might be diverted for use in Andhra. This chapter also explains to an extent how the Statement of Policy, 1951, was preferred by deleting references to revolutionary path etc. For this the Communist Party shall strive to rouse the entire peasantry and the working class against the feudal exploiters, strengthen the alliance between the working class and the peasantry, and build, under the leadership of the working class broad nationwide United Front of all anti-imperialist classes (including the national bourgeoisie), sections, parties and elements willing to fight for democracy and for freedom and independence of India. In view of the report we had from the Andhra delegates, Sundarayya’s omission of Comrade Stalin’s first suggestion, which was most important, principled and in accordance with the original document, which he was said to have approved is deliberate and not accidental. A Very useful and must read book for Tspsc, Appsc, Upsc and all othere competitive exams to crack the Examination. [4], In 1952, Telugu-speaking people were distributed in about 22 districts, 9 of them in the former Nizam's dominions of the princely state of Hyderabad, 12 in the Madras Presidency (Andhra region), and one in French-controlled Yanam. Nizam –British Relations 1724–1857. Two districts were added in 2018, which made them 33 districts . this information is very helpful to who are looking some general knowledge about Telangana history and culture The following are extracts from DV Rao’s Preface to the First English Edition, 1974. We are also conscious that a comprehensive work is the need of the hour to help and guide the young revolutionaries in the present phase of the Indian revolution. It is more correct to say that its Statement of Policy rejects it. The movement gained momentum over decades for a new state of Telangana. Special safeguards for Telangana. Peasant Movements: Telangana Peasant Struggle (1947-51)! The revolt began in the Nalgonda district against the feudal lords of Reddy and Velama castes. Therefore the armed struggle for defence of those revolutionary gains is for basic demands and hence its character is basic even though it is carried out against Nehru Government. The agrarian crisis is maturing rapidly and the peasant masses are seething with discontent against the present Government which rose to power on the basis of their support and afterwards betrayed them. The land seized from landlords, the Grama Rajyas (village Soviets) set up by the people, and the armed guerilla forces and the militia the people built up are not partial in character, nor can they be changed into partial under any circumstances. With lobbying from Andhra Congress leaders and with pressure from the Central leadership of Congress party, an agreement was reached between Telangana leaders and Andhra leaders on 20 February 1956 to merge Telangana and Andhra with promises to safeguard Telangana's interests. Subsequent events have shown that this leadership has taken a parliamentary path in the form of revisionism and neo-revisionism. When I am resigning on these grounds and especially on the immediate political line, which I consider very harmful to the party, there is no meaning to keep my resignation as GS and as PBM a secret from the party rank and lower units. July 4 of 1946  was the day Doddi Komarayya, the first martyr of Telangana , was killed and that day is regarded as the beginning of armed  phase of the struggle that lasted upto 1951, ie.,  Post-independence. ♦ 1985. The peasants of the state, influenced by Communist party, had also revolted against the Nizam, who tried to suppress their armed struggle against landlords. The agitation arose after many jobs were taken by people from coastal Andhra. One lakh people were imprisoned, and over 4000 people were shot dead, so soon after “independence” and a new Constitution was proclaimed. On related issues he wrote : In my report to CC in Feb. 1970, I have stated: “Immediately after our 7th Congress, when practically whole of our party leadership and 1200 leading comrades throughout the country were arrested, a sharp criticism from our ranks arose that the leadership had talked about a revolutionary programme, but had not cared to take elementary vigilance to safeguard even a part of the central and state leadership from the impending attack of the Govt. A variety of factors are keeping Telugu farmers away from the protests. Everyone knows that the central leadership of the party had no contribution in developing the armed struggle in Telangana since its earlier stages. Manavidya Daily Online Test-83 in Telugu-Telangana Movement : Manavidya Daily Tests : Manavidya is providing daily online test in Telugu. Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru initially was skeptical of merging Telangana with Andhra State, fearing a "tint of expansionist imperialism" in it. The very fact that the armed struggle could continue and survive for five long years in Telangana, and that the demand for withdrawal had come from the leadership, and not from the people or ranks, shows that it was possible to develop it into a protracted armed struggle if the leadership had a correct understanding of the path of revolution in colonies and semi colonies. Telangana state ruled by the Satavahana’s dynasty, Kakatiya dynasty, Delhi Sultanate and Kutubshahi’s Dynasty. Congress demanded the creation of a Telangana state. It is wrong and misrepresentation of the document when Sundarayya says that the character of the struggle has changed after the ‘Police Action’, either according to the document or according to the opinion of Comrade Stalin, who is said to have approved it. Now. He also wrote that the party’s consultations on Telangana with CPSU led by Stalin were for “ the first time publicly mentioned in this book…” And DV Rao, his comrade in CC by 1950, and the key leader of Telangana, contested his narration on this aspect. 2) In 1828, Rajaram Mohan Roy started the Brahma Samaj. Vulli Dhanaraju, The Telangana Movement (1946-1951): Folklore Perspective, International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow, I(8), 1-7 (2012) Devender D., Verreageyalu Telangana Sayuda Poratam, (Unpublished PhD Thesis in Telugu) (University of Hyderabad, 5 (1983) In 1952, there was a students agitation against non Mulkis (mulki meaning locals). This also provides the understanding for the creation of liberation army, in which such partisan forces which are transferred are expected to join and strengthen them numerically as well as qualitatively. The popular slogans were Non-Mulki go back and Idli Sambar go back. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Telangana Praja Samithi was formed. We are dealing with them in our various documents. This article, with extracts from DV Rao, published now in the centenary year of India’s communism, presents some aspects of History and Politics of Withdrawal of Telangana Armed Struggle (1946-51), as presented by DV Rao (1917-1984). DV’s document. Therefore, they are people’s armed struggles whose content is agrarian revolution. [12], In Hyderabad assembly out of 174 MLAs On 3 December 1955, 147 MLAs expressed their view. ♦ April 12th, 1969 “Indira Gandhi” 8 points plans announced but, Telangana state leaders rejected. ♦ 1999. ♦ 1985. The guerilla warfare, which is the highest form of struggle and which was continued to defend the land and gram-rajyas, was a struggle for power. Apart from what they did to harm the revolutionary movement and armed struggle that was going on, they began to write on ‘Heroic Telangana’ bringing it into their revisionist line. 3) Rajaram Mohan Roy established the Atmiya Sabha in 1814 at Calcutta. Publishing House. The Visalandhra, Vishalandhra or Vishal Andhra was a movement in post-independence India for a united state for all Telugu speakers, a Greater Andhra (Telugu: విశాలాంధ్ర Viśālāndhra).This movement was led by the Communist Party of India under the banner of Andhra Mahasabha with a demand to merge all the Telugu-speaking areas into one state. Among Telangana MLAs, 25 Telangana MLAs disagreed with the merger, 59 Telangana MLAs supported the merger. In view of this, to say that the Note on Indian Situation (1951) advocates the struggle for land seizure and armed struggle for its defence as partial partisan struggle is baseless. He does not mention the split in the party and its effects on the armed struggle as understood by Comrade Stalin anywhere in the ‘gist’ he gives. There is nothing in the document which confirms the contention of Sundarayya that the withdrawal of armed struggle was done in accordance with the document. To the leadership of the CPM everything appeared to be left adventurism, and individual and squad terrorism, as far as these struggles were concerned. Here he differentiates between a partisan struggle at the ‘stage of land distribution and establishing of village peasant committees’ and the partisan struggle for ‘smaller demands-let us say-reduction of rent’ under certain conditions, i.e., ‘if the masses are ready and eager’. Every party was sovereign, with powers to take their own decisions on matters relating to questions of revolutions of their own countries. “For example, in a big and topographically suitable area where the peasant movement has risen to the level of seizure of land and foodgrains, the question as to how to effect that seizure, and the question how to defend the land so seized will become a burning question.

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