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three broadband review

It is an average though. Five years with Relish, Ive never call for problem. Completely unreliable, and terrible customer service. Pay-as-you-go SIMs are available from Three too - and unlike the PAYG plans from some networks, it does give you the classic pay-as-you-go setup.You get a SIM, top it up, and use up credit by the minute, text, or megabyte. You only have to pay your monthly charge, or top up if you choose a Pay As You Go Broadband plan. Telecom company Three is bundling together an Apple TV 4K box if you sign up to its 5G broadband service. Even if you are able to get, and opt for, the 5G version and you're getting an average 100Mbps, you'll be paying less than you would for the same speeds from anyone else. Painstakingly we get past this and then i query are the speeds advised- 200mbps- just an indication of possibility or is there so great a variation that this is optimum but not routine ot guaranteed .Oh no did i ever regret asking that....................... Cut to 20 mins later and i am still trying to get an answer .............then she agrees to put me through to someone who CAN HELP ?! 0 out of 5 if possible. Alex Kidman. They managed to get the wifi going after this and it worked for a couple of weeks and after that it's never worked properly. It's a relatively new enterprise as at the start of 2020 and as such hard to judge. NEVER EVER EVER WOULD I CONSIDER THREE AFTER THAT CAR CRASH OF AN INITIAL FIRST IMPRESSION .Dreadful experience. Buy from us 0800 033 8009 Buy from us 0800 033 8009; Explore Three. They shouldnt be stating they can provide a wifi service when they clearly cannot!!! 5G Broadband 5G Coverage My3 Data & Add-ons Switch to business; Coverage checker; Store locator; Buy from us 0800 033 8009 One less thing to worry about: We still offer free, next working day delivery … Satisfaction One of the key selling points with broadband delivered via a 4G or 5G signal is you can be anywhere within range of a mast. Find out … If you want to spend a bit more for a few more integrated features, you also have the option of including the Huawei AI Cube instead. But here's the confusing bit. ISP Complaints and Problems . In fairness, I had a bit of trouble at first and was getting a poor signal. Really disruptive for my studies and often have to resort to using mobile data which is costly. Go back to page 1 of the Sharedband review . Easy review and pay, plus manage multiple accounts. WOW After that shoddy attempt at a service the POPE would be swearing .Instead i said he was right and instead i should actually be thanking him , i mean if that is the level of service i could expect to receive if I BECAME A CUSTOMER then i should really be grateful i had a narrow escape .45 mins of my time and patience wasted. After about 10 phones calls with them telling me the same thing to try and reconnect the hub it still never worked. Three Mobile: 2020-10-05 : My 4g Broadband from 3 is all but useless. Appauling service, almost non existence. One of the great advantages of broadband that arrives over the airwaves rather than under the ground is there is almost nothing to say when it comes to installation. But what it lacks in its ability to blare out Taylor Swift it makes up for in its more affordable pricing. Connects up to 64 Wi-Fi enabled devices, plus two network ports for a wired connection. Three is offering customers 12GB of data with unlimited UK minutes and texts for just £10 a month! Three HomeFi (B311) review 2 Sep 2019 by James Rogerson. Do now use it or if you want to test it, go ahead with their 14 days (extended to 30 days due to covid) cooling off period.Their service is very unstable and when calling to their customer and technical support team (not in UK), they don't really resolve the issue long term.Don't waste your money. Mobile Broadband helps … Three UK launched its 5G home broadband service on August 19th. This is why if 4G home broadband is all you can currently get (not 5G), you will be offered a choice of two home 4G routers that differ from those offered if you can get 5G. Certainly then. Meet the Three Broadband Hubs. Download App. For example, Three’s unlimited data plans come with a tethering … 30-day bundles are available to buy too, to save a bit more money. In the grans scheme of mobile and broadband providers, Three does okay. I asked her for full address because I sent request to Royal Mail and they need it . This means it is harder to find coverage for Three’s 5G in the UK at the moment. If I could give them 0 stars I would!Service absolutely disgusting.We were supposed to have 4G mobile broadband but have had nothing but problems as it has never worked properly.Customer service team are useless and try there best to get rid of you.We got stuck with them at the beginning, after entering into the contract with them we had no wifi for three weeks and with constant phone calls to them they kept telling us they were "fixing the problem". Initial Business Response /* (1000, 12, 2015/09/21) */ 8/- Customer called to cancel services 8/- Customer … Broadband, mobile and TV services; Mobile phone providers; Three mobile review; Reviews based on facts. It is, as you might expect, owned and run by Three – that's the same Three of mobile network fame. 3 months since cancelling my contract still no closure or refund. Supports Apple IOS, Linux and Windows. Pay-as-you-go. Three 5G Hub review. Something to bear in mind. I get through by phone to a very broad accent ,i guess India somewhere and i explain i just want to query a few things to confirm ?Is this definitely available in my area ? Very unstable.4g average download speed is measured in kbps, would be lucky to get 1mbps down.I know the technology can work because three themselves offer stable speeds of between 30 & 100mbps down in some areas according to some reviews, and other networks in my area offer a consistently fast service on par with a wired fibre connection (a friend and neighbor is on 4g vodafone)So why three ignores the areas struggling is beyond me.They know their masts in some spots are overloaded and congested and require more backhaul capacity.They continuously promise an upgrade to their struggling sites and yet nothing happens. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes. rfgibso 5 reviews. Looking at the front of the router you have a basic display of lights up top with a Huawei logo at the bottom. At the moment I just use my phone as a mobile hotspot. It's unnecessarily confusing and something we hope to see Three Broadband sort out soon. 1 star is generous. Plug in and play, no landline or installation needed with … They advised to go in store in which I did and was told why did they refer you here we can’t help. The next best option would be Three’s 5G broadband. There were some teething issues - for the first week I regularly lost connectivity or speeds below 1Mbs - but this then settled.The service then changed this summer - with 3 taking over the service. We used to be known as Relish, we're now Three Broadband. By continuing, you agree to our cookies policy. 21.6Mbps to a household that can only get 3Mbps by any other means is going to seem rather quick. Weaker Satisfaction; Weaker Service; Weaker Speed; Weaker Reliability; Ratings league … not an unusual question by any means but the difficulty in giving the post code was ridiculously difficult and i am not sure it was just a matter of geographical/regional dialect ,it was more the person was literally incapable of listening and understanding five simple digits . Three Broadband Hopeless (but mobile browsing works) Thread starter TJ5566; Start date Nov 26, 2020; TJ5566 Member. Pros: Cons: Great value: Lower maximum 4G speeds than rivals: Connect up to 32 WiFi devices: Only supports single-band 2.4GHz WiFi: Simple to set up and no landline required : Only single ethernet port: External antenna support : Verdict: Three HomeFi was a good value 4G home broadband router for … If you are somewhere you can get 5G, but you only want a 4G package, you won't have the choice of either of the above routers. Show all time ratings. Poor network coverage & hardly works for no reason. I was a little taken aback to learn that they had not actually been the service provider for the past year - but were actually 'sub-letting' the service from another provider. Gamers excited for Google Stadia, but some set to be shut out by slow broadband… Mobile Phones. I WOUNDN’T WORK WITH THREE IN THE FUTURE. her words not mine and she puts me through, a wait of 20 mins then i get this guy who asks what seems to be the problem with my device ? Compatible … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It’s worth noting also that there’s only one Ethernet port, so if you want wired connections to more than one device then y… Synthetic tests aside, the speeds I was getting in real-world usage were good. ISP Discussion. The best we can really do in this situation is to look at Three's customer service record as a mobile provider. I tried to talk to them through online support but they don’t have online support for broadband. Customer Service . 1.12 Mbps is my speed, that will be your as well, as they are a chip disaster since Relish become Three. The Three 5G Hub gives you wireless home broadband on 5G. Even if you can't get 5G for now, Three Broadband's 4G offering, which is available almost everywhere, will serve well if you are getting dire speeds from other providers. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes. Stay away, I wasted hours with three with no solution, … Enter postcode to find your nearest store. Once we got the Sharedband service working in standalone mode (which only took a few minutes), we decided to try and integrate the Sharedband routers into our existing network … You don't need a phone socket for this, which means you can experiment with the best position for it. Explanation !! " Three Home Broadband uses a Wi-Fi hub you can plug in anywhere, whether it’s your living room or your home office. As well as being a router, this is also a smart speaker with Alexa voice assistant. Three Home Broadband Review – Plug In and Get Unlimited 5G or 4G Broadband!

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