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margo hayes gymnastics

to protect the freedoms and promote the interests of climbers, hill walkers and With La Rambla (9a+) and Biographie within a few months, the 19-year-old has taken the world of climbing by storm. One of them had been one of her coaches when she was a kid. To really complete that is a surreal feeling. Given Hayes’ talent, preparation and dedication, it doesn’t seem too farfetched to imagine her soon matching the track record of Angela Eiter, currently the only woman to have sent 9b.". She had, however, given up on the weight-saving hair idea. She began to compete nationally in gymnastics at the age of 8. She did, and she never looked back. Learn more. She brings this creativity to her climbing: “When you do something in your head a million times, you can see it – it’s truly a visionary process. It wasn't until she was 10 that she discovered her true passion: climbing. She even cut her hair short, hoping it would make her lighter. The British Mountaineering Council, TRAVEL Once, during a competition, she guessed that it had happened again but didn’t want to say anything, as she wanted to carry on. Congratulations @margojain, a very well deserved send, and a big day for climbing. Hayes was the first woman to climb 5.15a with her send of La Rambla, in Siurana, Spain, in February 2017. Before trying to redpoint La Rambla, she watched countless videos and visualised the moves. July 2020. Denn Margo Hayes und Paige Claassen widmeten sich kürzlich der über 40 Meter langen Caldwell-Ausdauerroute Kryptonite (9a) und waren nach sechs bzw. Once the emotion of climbing La Rambla had faded, Margo immediately sat down with her back to the crag to write new goals in her notebook. Während dem Ausbouldern brach ein Griff aus, der sich für beide unterschiedlich auswirkte View the profiles of people named Margo Hayes. Margo Hayes is a remarkable human being. This New Book Presents the Powerful Account of Female Strength Throughout History. From a young age, Margo showed an incredible aptitude for … 147 votes, 17 comments. From weekly Facebook Lives and GB Climbing home training videos, to our access team working to re-open the crags and fight for your mountain access, we couldn’t do it without you. At the climbing wall, she watched some big names training, including Lynn Hill, and was inspired. mountaineers, including ski-mountaineers. At 14, Margo did her first 8A boulder and was #8 in the Youth World Championship. By September that same year she had climbed another 9a+, Biographie at Ceuse. She had, however, given up on the weight-saving hair idea. Oct 13, 2018 - Photo of Margo Hayes by Jan Novák Photography. Maturity tends to come with age. A lot of people were watching Margo climb and doubting that she could do it. Watching Hayes climb La Rambla in the video below - then aged 19 - the benefits of her gymnastic background and her incredible energy and determination in pursuit of her goal are both evident. Her climbing partners had no idea that La Rambla was her ambition out in Siurana until they got to the crag and she put her harness on at the foot of it. Much gratitude @chris_sharma for yet another gem @jan_novak_photography @thenorthface @petzl_official @lasportivana @frictionlabs @stancesocks, A post shared by MΔRGΩ HΔΨΣS (@margojain) on Mar 22, 2019 at 9:25am PDT. In 2013, the North Face declared the teen a rising talent; by 2016 she had climbed 9a and won multiple golds in World Youth Championships. Her climbing partners noted that immediately after falling Margo would start hauling herself back up the rope. Posted by 1 year ago. Margo’s third 9a+, like her second, is a Chris Sharma test-piece. Peak District Grit: now ready to show you the way! She's just six years old in the video and already has her sights on some big goals. She can place her feet above her head and moves incredibly smoothly with huge focus in big, deep-thinking brown eyes. On March 22, the 21-year-old Margo Hayes sent Papichulo, a 5.15a in Oliana, Spain, becoming the first woman in the world to complete a hat trick of 5.15s. Margo seems to prefer keeping big goals to herself. Margo said: “When I sense others doubting what I can do it’s only motivating. We met with Margo before the Youth World Championships and talked to her about … Margo Hayes. We use cookies to ensure a better website performance, to analyse site traffic and to give you a more tailored experience. Six dynamic, energetic cities will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games over the next decade. Her climbing partners said, “It was clear that Margo had done her homework.”. Profile of Margo. Margo balances high school classes, art, photography, and climbing simultaneously.From a young age, Margo showed an incredible aptitude for athletics. Bronze for Molly Thompson-Smith in European Lead Championships 2020, Spread the Word: refer a friend and win an epic day out. From gymnastics to climbing. My determination triples. A post shared by Matty Hong (@honngy) on Feb 26, 2017 at 11:18am PST, “You need that mind that says: ‘I can see this possibility, and I’m going to do it,' Lynn Hill commented, following Margo's ascent of La Rambla. And with full membership from £1.66 / month, it's never been easier to join and support our work:, This article has been read How does she do it? Upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. If someone can climb La Rambla, I can.”, The year before climbing La Rambla, Margo had methodically sought out and climbed 14 routes just a tick less difficult. It is possible to come to climbing later in life and be successful - take 8c-climber Maddy Cope for example, who discovered the sport as a teen - but a youth spent climbing certainly helps a great deal. By 13, Margo had given up gymnastics to focus on climbing. The route is graded a 5.15a in difficulty-one of the four most advanced rankings in the sport, and fewer than 20 climbers have ever beaten the wall (nearly all of them grown men). To work on Biographie, Margo essentially moved to France for a few months and spent as much time as possible working the route or at the climbing wall. Her progress has been continuous, beside a compression fracture in her spine two years ago which made … Margo balances high school classes, art, photography, and climbing simultaneously. Not all of them, though; some are more spontaneous.”. It's full of determined, pencil-scrawled goals. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I feel so small against the magnitude of rock. "Setbacks are opportunities to come back stronger," she told the Guardian. Margo values and respects the traditions of the climbing culture and community. e Part. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. She told the Guardian: “I’ve always been a goal-setter. TN n. IT01039930225 C.C.I.A.A. times. Margo Hayes started as a gymnast, then turned to rock climbing full time at age 13. Arriving at Smith Rock, Oregon, in February, Margo Hayes, 18, wanted to try Scarface (5.14a), the first 5.14 put up by an American. +39 0462/570810 - Ecommerce management by Drop SRL - VAT 01383870431. Margo Hayes, 17, has repeated Jonathan Siegrist's Pure imagaination, 8c+, at the Red River Gorge's Chocolate factory, Kentucky.. Jonathan made the first ascent in 2010 and for a while it was considered 9a, but after an onsight by Adam Ondra and flashes by Alex Megos and Daniel Woods, it has come down to 8c+. As a playful, long-legged 10-year-old, Margo joined the ABC Kids Climbing team in Boulder Colorado, which happens to be home to one of America's premier junior climbing teams. Frequently he zoomed in on Margo and was very inspired by her limitless determination. Indoor Bouldering. responsible for their own actions. Margo Hayes was the first woman to ever successfully climb La Rambla route in Spain last year. By 13, Margo had given up gymnastics to focus on climbing. Back in 2017, a lot of talented and hardworking women were gunning to be the first to climb 9a+. Reg. 229. Stepping up to attempt a route like La Rambla requires confidence and courage. sieben Tagen auch erfolgreich. She drew a diagram running up the wall at her French home, showing all the holds and the necessary moves in the right sequence. Her coaches were surprised to see such dedication in a young girl. Close. After a series of injuries, Margo’s former gymnastics coach encouraged her to try climbing. Photo of Margo Hayes by Jan Novák Photography. Her fingers could be bleeding, rain could be dripping down the wall, but still she seemed to have psyche. Recovering is one thing - getting back to where you were before takes a huge amount of dedication and determination. I am living for the Olympic team and gold.”. “And that’s what Margo has. The sport quickly became much more than a hobby for her; it became a passion. I was such a daredevil. Did you know that we've just launched a new U27 membership offer for just £1 / month? I like to be very organised. Hayes was 19 when she did it. A couple of weeks ago, Margo Hayes redpointed her third 9a+, Papichulo at Oliana in Spain; this time belayed by her boyfriend Alex Megos. +39 0462/57080 - Fax. Margo’s childhood coach has revealed that she broke her feet seven times doing gymnastics. “I was always injured in gymnastics,” said Margo Hayes, a 17-year-old born and raised in Boulder. 4908 Margo Hayes posted on Instagram after sending her third 9a+ These are qualities on show in Reel Rock: Break On Through, a short film that follows Margo’s journey to become the first woman to … The Colorado-born climber is an incredible athlete with a relentless drive and dedication to her craft that keeps pushing her to new heights. (). While a great part of the CrossFit community celebrates strong women, society at large still has reservations when it comes to accepting muscle and strength as properties that belong both in men and women. “Break on Through” with Margo Hayes is entirely available to free watching. . This is indicative of the level of competition that we will see when climbing is included in the Olympics for the first time next year. 3.0m members in the nextfuckinglevel community. I am grateful to be back on Spanish lime stone, which suits my style in such a comfortable and familiar way. Alternatively if you do not wish to login you may post a comment anonymously. That moment when you send 'La Rambla' and become the first woman to climb (9a+ or 5.15a). Originally a gymnast, Hayes started off climbing with her dad, Tom, who would take Margo and her older sister, Nola, climbing in Boulder Canyon. Her coach wondered why she kept disappearing to the bathroom: it turned out she was cooling her foot in the toilet bowl! We use cookies to make your experience better. She grew up with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, and spends the majority of her time dedicated to her sport. Not only has she podiumed in 11 different national and world youth sport climbing championships, five different bouldering climbing championships, but she has also climbed six 5.14 routes and … At the age of 10, Margo started climbing and joined Team ABC. cookie policy. A subreddit for pictures, gifs and videos that are next fucking level. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be Following the injury Margo was careful to strengthen and engage her core to better support her spine. But we can make some guesses as to her future goals. Even her climbing partners out in Siurana - Matty Hong and Jon Cardwell - were doubtful that she was ready. Working for climbers, hill walkers & mountaineers, © Margo Hayes doesn’t always climb outdoors, but when she does, it tends to catch the attention of those who wonder just who this quiet crusher is. Soc. Margo's Instagram page reveals that she is a very artistic and bright young lady: her mum is an artist and art is her other passion. Would you like to login to post your comment? When working Biographie, Margo drew the attention of French climber Arnaud Petit, who can see the Ceuse wall from his home and sometimes watches climbers with binoculars. Margo Hayes in an interview In the Red Bull film Break on Through, which follows Margo’s rise and her success on the first two 9a+s, we also glimpse one of her childhood notebooks. 2020 Planetmountain pointed out: "It’s worth noting that Sharma freed Papichulo a decade ago in preparation for his mammoth 9b Jumbo Love at Clark Mountain. By continuing to use the website, you consent to our Your cart The North Face "I was a big daredevil and didn't have a … Interview: Damian Hall AKA 'Ultra Damo' completes FKT hat-trick, How to attend the virtual Kendal Mountain Festival and what to watch, Climbing chalk may help deactivate coronavirus says ABC, The Rucksack Club and Urban Uprising team up for 2021 calendar, National Climbing Competitions: 2021 and Beyond, Call to check avalanche transceivers as potential issue reported, Information: BMC Travel Insurance purchased before 6pm on 11 March 2020. We look forward to seeing what Margo does next. Margo Hayes is a climber native to Boulder, Colorado. Over two weekends in Rifle last summer, the 17-year-old comp climber from Boulder flashed Cryptic Egyptian (5.13c); redpointed Double Rainbow (5.14a) and Zulu (5.14a) in the same … Margo Hayes is a climber native to Boulder, Colorado. Website designed by. Archived ... Not every kid gets to go to gymnastics, let alone train specifically for the olympics. She grew up with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard, and spends the majority of her time dedicated to her sport. Having just turned 18, Margo Hayes, defies this belief in both her climbing and perspective. € 1.032.000 i.v - Tel. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Margo Hayes (born February 11 1998) is an American professional rock climber from Boulder, Colorado.She is known for being the first woman to climb a route graded 9a+ (5.15a) (La Rambla, in Siurana, Spain).In 2016, she won both the Bouldering and Lead Climbing events at the World Youth Championships in Guangzhou At 10 years old, Hayes joined ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder, Colorado, where Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou coached her. One of her proudest moments was being awarded the North Face Young Gun Award in 2013.Whether it is sending a hard route outside or winning a competition, Margo is committed and tenacious when working towards her goals. How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect your BMC Travel Insurance policy? Climbing runs in Margo’s family: her grandfather led the first expedition to summit Everest via the Kangshung Face in 1983; her father Tom, who is also a climber, started taking Margo and her sister Nola to the nearby Boulder Canyon when they were young. At 13, she quit gymnastics to focus on climbing. With multiple podium finishes in competition climbing she best known for becoming the first female to climb 9a+ with her 2017 ascent of La Rambla. Margo Hayes recently climbed Biographie (5.15a / 9a+), quite likely the hardest sport route ever done by a woman. IVA/VAT IT01039930225 - Cap. She has had the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from around the globe. Perhaps the sport is in the Boulder, CO, native’s blood, but Margo’s determination is what drives her, and what drove her to France last year to immerse herself in the country’s … She would regularly stand and practice the moves so that she could visualise them all. She had to wear a body brace for two months and wasn’t allowed to move for another month after that. She knew its history and author, Scott Franklin; she had grown up on the same gymnastics team with his … Sometimes, worried that she was going to injure herself, they would 'pull rank' and lower her for a rest. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. The BMC recognises that climbing, hill Eiter, who climbed 9b last year, is just one of the women at the top of their game and hot on Margo's heels. n. 111431 - Cod. Will a Covid-19 vaccine allow a return to normality? Margo Hayes, with a background in gymnastics, started climbing at ten and directly joined Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou's Team ABC in Boulder. She went on to send Biographie, a 5.15a in Céüse, France, in … We want to say a big thanks to every BMC member who continues to support us through the Coronavirus crisis. Saved from INSURANCE. It’s almost like you need to pinch yourself,” she told the Guardian. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A short time later, Margo Hayes was already part of the American national team. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Margo's hobby was initially gymnastics. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) is the representative body that exists Date of birth : February 11 1998; Current status : Professional Climber; Hometown : Boulder, … A lot of my goals - they’re written down somewhere a long time before I get them. Now she’s ticked her third. I am fortunate to be in Oliana during the spring equinox and full moon, especially with a human so dear to my heart. Impr. Mothers and daughters in climbing: your stories. Not every kid gets to go to a rock climbing gym, let alone get to join the team and be coached by greats. It has been a wonderful experience climbing one of Oliana’s most beguiling routes, Papichulo 9a+. But that was where Margo Hayes, a rock climber from Colorado, stood last year, then just 19 years old, looking up at a limestone cliff outside Barcelona. “A broken foot, broken leg, whatever it was. When she completed the route - and her trilogy of climbs - Megos commented: “It looked graceful and effortless as always.”, Margo, dressed in a leotard with long brown hair in a bun, flings herself across floor mats performing a series of flips. She can see the possibility.'”. Fisc. In 2013, the North Face declared the teen a rising talent; by 2016 she had climbed 9a and won multiple golds in World Youth Championships. walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. reported that, in 2014, Hayes bottomed out through the pads at the Pan American Championships in Mexico City and sustained a compression fracture in her vertebrae. And not just ordinary goals: “Gymnastics is my life and my life is gymnastics. Most climbers will experience some form of injury at some time. The Guardian reported that Hayes was coy about her Olympic dreams. Thank you @alexandermegos for your unwavering support and for catching every fall. Margo Hayes was not on anyone’s shortlist when she ticked La Rambla in Siurana, Spain that February.

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